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About the digital edition


How much does it cost to buy a digital subscription, bundles, and single digital copy or copies?

Product Price
One-year digital subscription $20 CAD (four issues) One price anywhere in the world
Two-year digital subscription $30 CAD (eight issues) One price anywhere in the world
Digital/print bundle: Canada $35 CAD (four issues, receive both print and digital versions) Same price as a print subscription in Canada.
Digital/print bundle: US $40 CAD (four issues, receive both print and digital versions) $5 extra for postage to the US.
Digital/print bundle:
Outside Canada and the US
$45 CAD (four issues, receive both print and digital versions) $10 extra for postage outside Canada/USA
Single digital issues $8 One price anywhere in the world

How does the digital edition work?

First, you purchase a subscription through our digital store. When your order is complete, you will receive an email containing a link to your first issue in PDF format. (If you purchase a single digital issue between 194 and 205, you’ll receive links to all four formats available for those issues. All four formats will remain available to you, so you can choose a different format any time you like.) When a new issue in your subscription is published, you will receive an email with a link to the new issue in PDF format.

Digital edition accounts

If you choose to subscribe to the digital edition, you will need to create an account when you check out. In the “Billing Details” section, click the box next to “Create an account?” and enter a password.

You can log in to your account for access to the digital downloads included in your subscription.

Formats available

*Starting with Issue 206, we will only be offering our digital edition in PDF format.* We offer our digital edition in the following formats for Issues 194 to 205:

Format Devices
ePub iOS devices (iPad, iPhone), NOOK, Kobo, and other apps/devices that support the ePub format
.mobi Amazon Kindle
.azw3 Amazon Kindle
PDF Works with any PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat, for example).

You get access to all four formats with your purchase of any single issue between 194 to 205. *Starting with Issue 206, you’ll have access to PDF format only.*

Try before you buy

Want to take the digital edition for a test drive? If you are not sure which file type you need, or if you just want to take a peek at what you get with the digital edition Issues 194 to 205, you can download a preview below. *Starting with Issue 206, we’ll only be offering PDF format digital editions.*

Format Devices
ePub Download preview
.mobi Download preview
.azw3 Download preview

How do I open the file?

On an iPad, you can simply click on the link in the email and choose to open the file in iBooks. Other devices and apps will work differently. You may need to download the file on a desktop computer and sync it to your device. Check instructions for your tablet or other device to find out how to use it or to open one of the available file types.

If you are a subscriber, you will receive an email each time a new issue is available for download for the duration of your subscription.

If you have questions about the digital edition, please contact us at

Can I give a gift subscription?

At present, gift subscriptions for the digital edition are not available through the online store. If you wish to give a digital or bundle subscription as a gift, please contact The Malahat Review at or 250-721-8524.

How do I purchase digital subscriptions or single copies?

To purchase a digital subscription, digital/print subscription, and/or digital single issues, please click on “Products” in the menu bar above, then choose your preferred option.

Follow the prompts in order to guarantee that the option you have selected will appear in your Basket. If you wish to make further purchases, please return to “Products” and continue shopping.

Please note:
For Issues 194 to 205, you will not be asked to specify the format in which you would like to receive the digital issues. Instead you will receive links to four format options (ePub, .mobi, .azw3, and PDF). For more details about formats, please go to “Formats available”. To help decide on which format you require and/or prefer, please go to “Try before you buy.” *Please note that starting with Issue 206, we will only be offering PDF format digital issues.*

When you have finished shopping, return to “Basket,” if you are not already on that page. Review the contents of your basket.

If you wish to cancel any or all of the items you chosen for purchase, please click on the white X inside the red circle to the left of each item.

When you have finalized what you wish to buy, click on “Proceed to Checkout.”

In Checkout, you will be prompted for your name, mailing address, and email. You will also be prompted for your credit-card details.

If you wish, you may indicate if you wish to have our electronic newsletter, “Malahat lite” as well as other news and offers, sent to your email address.

Once you have provided your name and mailing details, and indicated your method of payment, please click on “Place Order.”

If you wish, you may indicate if you would like to receive our electronic newsletter, “Malahat Lite,” as well as other news and offers, sent to your email address.

If you have paid by credit card, you will receive a confirmation email once your order is complete.

If your subscription order begins with the current issue, a link to it will be included in the email confirming your order is complete. If you have purchased a bundle, a copy of the current print-edition issue will be sent to you by regular mail.

Upon the publication of each issue in your subscription, you will receive an email with a PDF link from which to download it. If you have ordered a digital/print bundle, the print editions of each issue will be sent to you by regular surface mail. Links and print editions will be sent to you upon publication.

Your account

If you have a digital subscription, you are required to set up an account on this site.

Your account facilitates the secure payment of your purchases; our website is PCI-compliant. Your credit card information is not stored on this site. You will have to re-enter it every time you make a purchase or renew a subscription.

You may log into your account to download or read any issue in your subscription upon publication. Even if your subscription has expired, you may log in to access any of the issues you received while it was active.

To access the issues in your digital subscription during or after their publication, please go to “My Account” and then select “Downloads.”

Please keep the details of your profile up-to-date. To change your password, please go to “My Account.”

To cancel your account, please contact us.

Contact us if you still have questions

If you have questions or have run into problems making an order, please email us at or call us at 250-721-8524.

The Malahat Review office is open on Mondays to Fridays (not including statutory holidays) from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Our mailing address is:

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Thank You for Your Support

The Malahat Review greatly appreciates every purchase you make as well as your support of our mandate to publish the best writing by emerging and established writers from Canada and elsewhere. Any feedback you may have about the digital edition and this digital store is most welcome.