Malahat Review 212 (Fall 2020) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 212 (Fall 2020).

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Our fall issue cover features a painting by Shawn Hunt titled “The Gift.” The issue opens with the 2020 Far Horizons Award for Poetry winner, “Flight,” by A.R. Kung, chosen by judge Yusuf Saadi.

Laina and her siblings flee through the countryside during the Bangladesh Liberation War in Shoilee Khan’s “Set Your Eyes Where the Water Meets the Sky,” meanwhile “red-eyed men train their guns” in Karen Lee’s “blister.” Molly Cross-Blanchard writes “you slept on and on” in “Granville Island, October 2019,” and Francine Cunningham begins, “My dead mom was sitting in the waiting room” in “Asleep Till You’re Awake.” Michelle Poirier Brown records her second pregnancy in “The Amnio Journal.” “A play structure is collecting children” begins Russell Thornton’s “Play Structure,” while Šari Dale’s “Trout Eyes” opens with “The child eats trout eyes. / Like grapes, they pop.” Icelandic volcanoes erupt in John Elizabeth Stintzi’s “The Sea that Has Become Known.” Kathy Mak learns to feel at home in the water in “墨 / mò /.” Patrick Friesen writes of “strumming invisible chords” in “amadeus,” and Erin Soros listens for the hum of her lost phone in “Cord.” Phoebe Wang paints a “Self-Portrait with an Internal Conflict” and tours us through an “Interior with a Hundred Views.” In Shane Rhodes’ collage/essay/found poetry piece, “It’s Here All the Beauty I Told You About,” he tries to see “how Westerns continue to obscure and rewrite the history of North American colonization and settlement and the racism that fuels them.”

Book reviews in this issue include Ali Blythe’s Hymnswitch, Jody Chan’s all our futures, and John Elizabeth Stintzi’s Junebat, all reviewed by Daniel Sarah Karasik, as well as Aaron Chan’s This City is a Minefield, reviewed by Ren Iwamoto, and more!

See all the contributors, read book reviews, and check out interviews on the Issue #212 Table of Contents page.