Malahat Review 200 (Autumn 2017) Digital Edition


Settle into fall with our fiftieth-anniversary issue featuring Victoria writers past, present, and future. Cozy up indoors with never-before-published poetry by P.K. Page, “Fire Escape” and “A Wet Spring,” and go from hot to cold with Tim Lilburn’s “Where” and “Shame”; Janet Rogers explores regurgitated culture in “Snow Storm,” and Lorna Crozier shows deities at work in “God of Balconies” and “God of the Dead.” The titles of Kate Kennedy’s poem and Terence Young’s story collide in their shared name, “Parallax,” while Brock Zawila blurs the line between symphony and story in “The Lake Blouin Symphony: A Listening Guide.” Emily Carr basks in the beauty of the newly deceased in her previously unpublished “Afterglow,” Annabel Howard battles body and mind in “Runner’s High,” and Madeline Sonik revisits 1966 in “Stay Sick, Turn Blue.” Relax by the fire with reviews of books by Karen Enns, Julie Paul, Patricia Young, and more.

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