Malahat Review 203 (Summer 2018) Digital Edition


Savour the summer sun while reading Novella Prize winner Samantha Macpherson’s “Tattoo” set in rainy Vancouver. Sit down for lunch with Johnnie Manson’s “Lentil Soup” or Carin Makuz’s “What We Write About When We Write About Avocados.” Quench your thirst with “A Glass of Water” by Susan Haldane. Bask in “Sunlight” by John Nyman, and lounge on “Big Island” by Ben Ladouceur. Sit at the piano in Gordon Lonethunder’s “Branches Fleuries d’Amandier”; swim up to the boundary in Jade Riordan’s “The Buoy Line”; travel to London and France in Diana Fitzgerald Bryden’s “The Hedonists.” Cool down with reviews of books by Irena Karafilly, Tom Wayman, and Brian Bartlett.

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