Malahat Review 223 (Summer 2023) Digital Edition


Featuring Long Poem Prize winners Domenica Martinello and Bren Simmers.

Cover art by Ali Bosworth.

Poetry by Robert Colman, Kate Genevieve, PW Jarungpiterah, Angeline Schellenberg, John Steffler, Neil Surkan, Sylvia Symons, and Harrison Wade.

Fiction by Christine Birbalsingh and Ben Lof.

Creative nonfiction by Jaymie Campbell, Sadiqa de Meijer, Meghan Eaker, Angélique Lalonde, Mark E. Prior, and Jillian Stirk.

Reviews of books by Tree Abraham, Leesa Dean, Nicholas Herring, Larissa Lai, Avery Lake, Fareh Malik, Susan Musgrave, Mariam Pirbhai, Emily Riddle, Emily Saso, Sharon Thesen, and Emily Urquhart.

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Digital Format: PDF

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