Malahat Review 159 (Summer 2007) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 159 (Summer 2007)

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  • Peter Gilmour, Aftermath
  • Stephen Marche, Letters to Sunday
  • Riel Nason, The Box
  • Aurian Haller, Song of the Taxidermist
  • Karen Hofmann, Damselfly; Bohemian Waxwings
  • Helen Humphreys, Auden’s House; Appetite
  • Richard Lemm, Retribution; To You, On Our Anniversary, in a Room of Intensive Care; Patriots II: Softening
  • Timothy Liu, Romance
  • Harold Rhenisch, The Bone Yard
  • Adam Sol, Toward an Idea of Citizenship


  • B.W. Powe, The Unsaid Passing (Toronto: Guernica, 2005). Paperbound, 190 pp., $20 (Eric Miller)
  • Maria Fiamengo, Visible Living: Poems Selected and New (Vancouver: Ronsdale, 2006). Paperbound, 157 pp., $14.95 (Sara Cassidy)
  • Matthew Holmes, Hitch (Roberts Creek, B.C.: Nightwood, 2006). Paperbound, 96 pp., $16.95; Michael Knox, Play Out the Match, Paperbound, 80 pp. (R. W. Gray)
  • Joel Des Rosiers, Hugh Hazelton, tr., Vetiver (Winnipeg: Signature, 2005). Paperbound, 134 pp., $14.95 (Steve Noyes)


  • Sean Johnston, All This Town Remembers (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2006). Paperbound, 233 pp., $27.95 (Linda Rogers)


  • Robert Finley, et al., A Ragged Pen: Essays on Poetry and Memory (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2006). Paperbound, 109 pp., $20.95 (Heather Jessup)
  • Contance Rooke, Writing Life: Celebrated and International Authors on Writing and Life (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2006). Paperbound, 449 pp., $24.99 (Jay Ruzesky)
Cover art: Carole Sabiston, Call Signs by Robin for Malahat Review, 2007
Acrylic, 56 cm x 66 cm
Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery
University of Victoria