Malahat Review 213 (Winter 2020) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 213 (Winter 2020).

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Featuring Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize winner “On Playing Double Jeopardy!” by Christina Brobby, and cover art by Charles Campbell.

Poetry by:

Michael Akuchie, “Discussing Prison with a Loved One,” Tawahum Bige, “Fall fell and I dropped beneath the aspens” and “Sanctum,” Jacob Braun, “Pop Grammar,” “The ChJoysce of Grammar,” and “Subject-Verb-Object,” Michael Chang, “代表作 ((Masterpiece)),” Dani Couture, “Driver’s Ed at 41” and “16 Bells,” Tim Fab-Eme, “Columbus Zoo,” Ivan Hobson, “Shipyard of Lethe,” Tiffany Hsieh, “Two Big Macs” and “Mountain Standard Time,” Eve Joseph, “family history,” Conor Kerr, “A Magpie/Métis Boy Watches Some Cranes” and “Grandfather,” emilie kneifel, “on the occasion of wanting (to keep smtg (open,” Anita Lahey, “God of Blizzards Broods by Fire” and “Permafrost Releases Ice-Age Fossil,” D.A. Lockhart, “Summer 1837 Journal,” Christine Lowther, “It’s a Party,” Susan Musgrave, “What is True,” Melanie Pierluigi, “Alluring Enough,” Sue Sinclair, “Hey Nonny Nonny,” clare thiessen, “pie as a concept,” “the kinds of things,” and “locks triple checked,” and Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang, “Retirement Plans.”

Fiction by:

Rachel Lachmansingh, “Primary Organs,” Joanne Rixon, “The Museum of Never-Made Art, Excerpts from the Catalogue,” Aaron Schneider, “Death Drawings 3: Michael Walter, September 21, 1975 – August 20, 2028,” Joy Waller, “Shinjuku for Stray Angels,” and Katie Zdybel, “Northern Tether.”

Creative nonfiction by:

Megan Butcher, “First Birds,” Dominique K. Pierce, “Exposure,” and Rabiu Temidayo “Seville.”

Reviews of books by Canisia Lubrin (The Dyzgraphxst, reviewed by Bertrand Bickersteth), Bahar Orang and Yusuf Saadi (Where Things Touch and Pluviophile, respectively, both reviewed by Manahil Bandukwala), Cornelia Hoogland & Ted Goodden (Cosmic Bowling, reviewed by Yvonne Blomer), Phil Hall (Niagara & Government, reviewed by Liam Burke), Jack Wang (We Two Alone, reviewed by Grace Lau), Madeline Sonik (Fontainebleau, reviewed by Jessica Rose), Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch (knot body, reviewed by Aaron El Sabrout), and Candace Savage (Strangers in the House, reviewed by Rowan McCandless).