Malahat Review 215 (Summer 2021) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 215 (Summer 2021).

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Featuring Long Poem Prize winners Conor Kerr and Jennifer Still.

Cover art by Jason McLean.

Poetry by Elena Bentley, Leah Callen, Patricia Caspers, Jamella Hagen, Saeed Tavanaee Marvi (translated from the Farsi by Khashayar Mohammadi), and Christina Shah.

Fiction by Carlee Bouillon, Cedar Bowers, Philip Huynh, and Geoffrey Line.

Creative nonfiction by Paul Dhillon and Sean Sam.

Reviews of books by Jordan Abel, Ven Begamudre, Frances Boyle, Marlene Cookshaw, Dede Crane, Lorna Crozier, Keith Fraser, Janet Gallant and Sharon Thesen, Donna Kane, Noor Naga, Susan Sanford Blades, Craig Taylor, Derk Wynand, and Terence Young.