Malahat Review 225 (Winter 2023) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 225 (Winter 2023).

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Featuring Constance Rooke CNF Prize winner Siavash Saadlou.

Cover art by Jaymie Campbell.

Poetry by Pete Bock, Beverley Bie Brahic, Michael Chang, Marlene Cookshaw, Em Dial, Dave Hickey, Emily Kedar, Aris Keshav, Lauren Kirshner, Annick MacAskill, Cassandra Myers, Steve Noyes, Sue Sorensen, Mallory Tater, Ken Victor, and Liselle Yorke.

Fiction by Liz Harmer, Pauline Holdsworth, ds johnson, Kaye Miller, and Janine Alyson Young.

Reviews of books by Esmeralda Cabral, Kate Cayley, Maria Coffey, Maryanna Gabriel, Michael Goodfellow, Meghan Greeley, Jason Heroux, Brooke Lockyer, Stephen Marche, Sasenarine Persaud, Bronwyn Preece, and the anthology The Spirits Have Nothing to Do with Us: New Chinese Canadian Fiction edited by Dan K. Woo.