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Sift through the past in Rowan McCandless’ 2018 Constance Rooke CNF Prize-winning memoir, “Found Objects.” Then read the trio of 2019 Open Season Award-winning pieces: Rami Schandall’s poem “Timepiece,” Janika Oza’s story “Exile,” and Lishai Peel’s epistolary memoir, “Letters to My Mother.” Dag T. Straumsvåg’s possessions go missing in “Disappearing,” translated from the Norwegian by Robert Hedin, and Alycia Pirmohamed wrestles with “the untethering, the how-to guide on letting go” in her poem, “Held In.” Margaret Christakos searches for the best deal in “Three for One,” while Tim Bowling “want[s] / to kill what makes the hour / tick” in “3:00 AM.” Two versions of Kim Hyesoon’s “Old Refrigerator” mirror each other on the page—one in Korean, the other in English, translated by Lauren Albin. Armand Garnet Ruffo casts a line in “Filament,” while Maggie Burton’s “The Midwife” fishes babies into arms. Nozomi Imanishi attends her uncle’s funeral in “Remains,” and Triin Paja delves into “a body no more a body” in “Urn of Nettles.” Shashi Bhat takes us to Toastmasters in “Good Enough Never Is,” Nancy Lee explores “New York” and “The Ends of the Earth,” and Conor Kerr steers us in “Directions to the Culture Grounds.”

Shelter from the spring rain while reading reviews of books by Julie Bruck, Harold Hoefle, Laura Ritland, Kathy Page, Donna Kane, and more!

Featuring cover art by Jillian Tamaki.

See all the contributors, read book reviews, and check out interviews on the Issue #206 Table of Contents page.

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