Malahat Review 218 (Spring 2022) Digital Edition


Featuring Open Season Awards winners Kaitlin Debicki, Sara Mang, and Bahar Orang.

Cover art by Emily Hermant.

Poetry by Ronna Bloom, Laura Cok, Katherine Alexandra Harvey, Bill Howell, Jamie Evan Kitts, T. Liem, Domenica Martinello, Steve Noyes, Joan Rivard, Francesca Schulz-Bianco, Carolyn Smart, Judith Taylor, Aaron Tucker, and Eric Wang.

Fiction by Jaime Burnet, Jeff Noh, and Suzannah Windsor.

Creative nonfiction by Shauna Andrews, Kate Gies, Ellise Ramos, and Ian Clay Sewall.

Reviews of books by Michelle Berry, Tamas Dobozy, Jake Kennedy, Daphne Marlatt, Don McKay, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Bardia Sinaee, Bill Stenson, Isabella Wang, and Katie Zdybel.

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