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Our summer issue features the 2020 Novella-Prize-winning “Yentas” by Rebecca Păpucaru, which, according to judges Samantha Jade Macpherson and Naben Ruthnum, is a “nostalgia-free portrait of girlhood lived among the Jewish communities of 1980s Montreal.”

In Daniel Allen Cox’s “The Glow of Electrum,” “to observe a stutterer is to time travel.” “There is a young dancer / with eyes more empty than my glass” begins Mike Alexander’s “An Afternoon Gentleman,” meanwhile tower cranes turn “[l]ike weathervanes, like ballerinas” in Matthew Hollett’s “I’m Sorry, I Have to Ask You to Leave.” Ronna Bloom’s “Legend of Saint Ursula” follows a woman in the midst of “repairing the sky.” “Shift hard gears and cross the dry riverbed” in Alamgir Hashmi’s “Anywhere, 2019.” In “Beneath the Pond” by Kate Felix, something lurks under the surface. Sarah Tolmie is “Putting off Bedtime” while Xaiver Campbell finds shade “Unda di Naseberry Tree.” “When she loved me, she got on with it” begins Sarah Venart’s “Dénouement.” Theressa Slind’s “Their Fever Dreams Were Child Drawings” explores friendship between a telepathic child and a 93-year-old. “Divinity is a kid pouring either honey or gasoline / over ant nests,” writes Chris Banks in “Honeydripper.” Daniel Sarah Karasik pushes back in “Against the Law,” and Sarah Lord’s “Forgiveness is Irrelevant” starts with visiting her brother in prison. Ron Riekki searches for an origin story in “The doorway to get into the prison,” just as Paul Vermeersch describes “The Red Door,” “The Glass Door,” and “The Door of Birds” in “Suburban Hauntology: On the Interpretation of Front Doors.” Alisha Dukelow’s work, from “High Modernist Affect Grid,” lingers in the threshold between poem and essay.

Don’t miss reviews of books by Rene Meshake with Kim Anderson (Injichaag: My Soul in Story, Anishinaabe Poetics in Art and Words reviewed by waaseyaa’sin Christine Sy), Pauline Holdstock (Here I Am! reviewed by Rhonda Batchelor), Michelle Porter (Inquiries reviewed by Délani Valin), and more!

Showcasing cover art by Sharona Franklin: “Mycoplasma.”

See all the contributors, read book reviews, and check out interviews on the Issue #211 Table of Contents page.

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