Malahat Review 222 (Spring 2023) Digital Edition


Featuring Open Season Awards winners Gloria Blizzard (cnf), Caroline Harper New (poetry), and Deepa Rajagopalan (fiction).

Cover art by SGidGang.xaal / Shoshannah Greene.

Poetry by Jenna Lyn Albert, Kayla Czaga, Sue Goyette, Maggie Helwig, Kate Kennedy, D. A. Lockhart, Pauline Peters, Cale Plett, C. Rafuse, and Shane Rhodes.

Fiction by Katherine Abbass, Mehr-Afarin Kohan, Rebecca Mangra, and Paul Ruban (translated by Neil Smith).

Creative nonfiction by Paul Dhillon and S. I. Hassan.

Reviews of books by Margaret Atwood, Manahil Bandukwala, Dionne Brand, Kevin Marc Fournier, Susan Glickman, Tomson Highway, Rhona McAdam, Paul Sunga, Délani Valin, and Joshua Whitehead.

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