Malahat Review 207 (Summer 2019) Digital Edition


This issue features the two 2019 Long Poem Prize winners: John Elizabeth Stintzi, who witnesses the difficulties of calving season in “Cold Dying Black Wet Cold Early Thing,” and Erin Soros, who watches herself grow stronger in “Weight.” Geneviève Paiement is applauded in “My Un-conceived Children Give Me a Standing Ovation,” while “husbands in their wives’ white / wedding dresses” parade by in Graeme Bezanson’s “Epithalamium.” Sasha Penn and Joanne Rixon collaborated to create “Cascades,” a story set in their city of Tacoma, Washington. Shen Haobo’s poem, “Pagoda,” reflects Liang Yujing’s English translation on the opposite page, as does Grzegorz Wróblewski’s “Chustka Sandry” with Piotr Gwiazda’s translation, “Sandra’s Blanket.” Hamish Ballantyne celebrates a birthday in “sept 23,” Matt Robinson mourns in “Against the Dog’s Passing,” and Matthew Porges ventures into the desert in “Hamada” to meet the “children of the clouds.”

Recline at the beach with reviews of books by Susan Gillis, Jenny Haysom, Bill Stenson, Stephen Collis, and more!

Featuring cover art by Beau Dick, Walas Gwa’yam.

See all the contributors, read book reviews, and check out interviews on the  Issue #207 Table of Contents page.

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