Malahat Review 168 (Fall 2009) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 168 (Fall 2009)

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Winner: Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction
  • Eliza Robertson, “Ship’s Log” (Nominated for 2010 McClelland & Stewart/Writers’ Trust Journey Prize)
  • Devon Code, “Uncle Oscar” (Winner of the 2010 Journey Prize)
  • Jackie Gay, “The World for a Girl
  • Jessica Michalofsky, “Time Machine” and “Behia Tells”
  • Gwendolyn Jensen, “Earth has a Thousand Terraces
  • Jamella Hagen, “Road to Viração, Northeast Brazil” and “Foreigner
  • Eve Joseph, “White Camellias” (Winner of the 2010 P. K. Page Founders’ Award for Poetry)
  • Stephanie Yorke, “Busts
  • Sandra Pettman, “Derrida’s Butter Dish
  • Jeffery Donaldson, “Fœtal”, “A Note to My Poem” and “On Reading ‘When You are Old’
  • Rachel Rose, “The Willingness to be Wounded
  • Anne-Marie Turza, “Anthem for a Small Country
  • Ross Leckie, “The Brain a Cauliflower”, “Addition and Subtraction and All the Gorgeous Functions”, “On the Porch at the Moment between Day and Night”, “The Critique of Pure Reason”, and “Heading for …
  • Suan Gillis, “Spring Storm
  • Allison Blythe, “And the Loons to Haunt and Dive” and “Something Other
  • Sam Cheuk, “Accidental Elegist
  • Priscila Uppal, “Fortress
Creative Non-Fiction:
  • Stuart Friebert, “Germany’s Ganges
  • Poetry
  • David Helwig, The Sway of Otherwise (Ottawa: Oberon, 2008). Paperbound, 66 pp., $16.95. (Reviewed by Laurie D. Graham.)
  • Anna Marie Sewell, Fifth World Drum (Calgary: Frontenac House, 2009). Paperbound, 96 pp., $15.95. (Reviewed by Cara-Lyn Morgan.)
  • Norm Sibum, The Pangborn Defence (Emeryville: Biblioasis, 2008). Paperbound, 68 pp., $17.95. (Reviewed by Evan Jones.)
  • Fiction
  • Jon Paul Fiorentino, Stripmalling (Toronto: ECW, 2009). Hardbound, 168 pp., $24.95. (Reviewed by Arleen Paré.)
  • Gale Zoë Garnett, Savage Adoration (Toronto: Exile, 2009). Paperbound, 242 pp., $22.95. (Reviewed by Rita Donovan.)
  • Michael Kenyon, The Beautiful Children (Saskatoon: Thistledown, 2009). Paperbound, 184 pp., $18.95. (Reviewed by Will Smith.)
  • Elaine McCluskey, Going Fast (Fredericton: Goose Lane, 2009). Paperbound, 376 pp., $22.95. (Reviewed by Jill Margo.)
  • Non-Fiction
  • Timothy Brownlow, Hiding Places (Lantzville: Oolichan, 2008). Paperbound, 269 pp., $18.95. (Reviewed by Eric Miller.)
  • Shawna Lemay, Calm Things (Kingsville: Palimpsest, 2008). Paperbound, 85 pp., $18. (Reviewed by Richard Cole.)
Cover art:    Luis Merino, Bar Girls (II)
1990, Oil, 171 cm by 53 cm
Michael Collard Williams Collection
Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery,
University of Victoria