Malahat Review 169 (Winter 2009) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 169 (Winter 2009)

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Winner: 2009 Creative Non-Fiction Prize
  • Judy Copeland, “Where Sea Meets Sky
  • Bill Gaston, “Petterick” (Nominated for a 2010 Western Magazine Award for fiction)
  • Brett Josef Grubisic, “The Contender
  • Anna Smith, “The Score Diary of Billy Bishop” (Won the 2010 Jack Hodgins Founders’ Award for Fiction; Won honourable mention at the 2010 National Magazine Awards)
  • George Elliott Clarke, “Charles Mingus: An Autobiography
  • Antony Di Nardo, “Lucky
  • Kildare Dobbs, “It
  • Kelly Norah Drukker, “The Burning House
  • Lise Gaston, “Icon
  • Daryl Hine, “Stanzas from &, A Serial Poem
  • Elise Levine, “Shmira
  • Jordan Mounteer, “Sitkum Creek” and “Larimeer Creek
  • Barbara Nickel, “Hospital Room” and “Passport
  • Susan Steudel, “HMS Resolution
  • J. R. Toriseva, “Spill: Reverse
  • Jan Zwicky, “Autobiography,”“If There Were Two Rivers,” and “Purcell: Fantasia for Five Viols, ‘Upon one note’
  • Poetry
  • Margaret Avison, Listening: last poems (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2009) and Molly Peacock, the second blush (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2009) (Reviewed by John Wall Barger.)
  • Elizabeth Bachinsky, God of Missed Connections (Gibsons: Nightwood, 2009). Paperbound, 80 pp., $17.95 and Jason Guriel, Pure Product (Montreal: Signal, 2009). Paperbound, 96 pp., $16. (Reviewed by Mitch Parry.)
  • Robert Bringhurst, Selected Poems (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2009). Paperbound, 272 pp., $27.95. (Reviewed by Nicholas Bradley.)
  • Barry Dempster, Love Outlandish (London: Brick, 2009). Paperbound, 120 pp., $19 and David Zieroth, The Fly in Autumn (Madeira Park: Harbour, 2009). Paperbound, 96 pp., $18.95. (Reviewed by David Kosub.)
  • Fiction
  • Cynthia Flood, The English Stories (Emeryville: Biblioasis, 2009). Paperbound, 217 pp., $19.95. (Reviewed by Carol Matthews.)
  • Steven Mayoff, Fatted Calf Blues (Winnipeg: Turnstone, 2009). Paperbound, 150 pp., $19. (Reviewed by Chelsea Rushton.)
  • Anik See, Postcard and Other Stories (Calgary: Freehand, 2009). Paperbound, 200 pp., $23.95. (Reviewed by Alisa Gordaneer.)
  • Non-Fiction
  • Anne Simpson, The Marram Grass, Poetry & Otherness (Kentville: Gaspereau, 2009). Paperbound, 149 pp., $26.95. (Reviewed by Anita Lahey.)
  • Daniel Coleman, In Bed with the Word: Reading, Spirituality and Cultural Politics (Edmonton: University of Alberta). Paperbound, 160 pp., $19.95. (Reviewed by Mark Callanan.)
Cover art:    Frank Pimentel, Smoking at the Counter
1987, Oil, 50.3 cm x 40.1 cm
Donated by Dr. Paul Marvin
Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery,
University of Victoria