Malahat Review 204 (Fall 2018) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 204 (Fall 2018).

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Savour the change of seasons while reading Far Horizons Award for Poetry winner Emily Osborne’s “Venn diagrams.” Explore the region formerly known as Yugoslavia with Jenny Ferguson in “Excavating Rias: the Balkans 1995, the Balkans 2016,” and check in to a desert motel in Kai Conradi’s “Every True Artist.” Join D. A. Lockhart with three prayers for modern life: “Roll Up the Rim Prayer,” “Prayer for Late Season Yard Sale,” and “Extra Fine Cut Mohawk Greetings Prayer.” George Bowering approaches what he fears in his poem “Bloodlines,” while Alisha Dukelow fills the gap in “pareidolia.” A home shelters the inner worries of an eighteen-year-old in Geoffrey Morrison’s “House of the Summer I Thought I Was Going to Die,” and a home sprouts curbside chairs in Anouk H. Henri’s “Garage Sale.” “Blood water[s] bitter, pebbly soil” in George Elliott Clarke’s series of “Ecclesiasticus” poems, and Matthew Harris searches for a ghost in all its familiar haunts in “Escape Velocity.”

Cozy up by the fire with reviews of books by Jeff Latosik, Eleonore Schönmaier, Sarah Henstra, Marc Labriola, Gillian Wigmore, Carol Matthews, and more!

Featuring cover art by Alison Yip.

See all the contributors, read book reviews, and check out interviews on the Issue #204 Table of Contents page.