Malahat Review 174 (Spring 2011) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 174 (Spring 2011)

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2011 Open Season Awards

  • Patrick Friesen, “ava gardner,” “blind in the summoner’s arms,” “daughter,” “dragging the river,” “it was five in the shade in the afternoon,” and “storm windows”
  • (“storm windows” won our 2012 P. K. Page Founders’ Award for Poetry; and “daughter,” “dragging the river,” and “storm windows” were nominated for a 2011 National Magazine Award in the Poetry category.)
  • Deanna Young, “Knowledge from a Previous Life”
  • R. Johnson, “Popsong”
  • Brian Bartlett, “From Ringing Here & There”
  • Hamish Guthrie, “Doad Gow” and “Duo”
  • Jody Aliesan, “They come in disguise”
  • John Pass, “Self Storage”
  • Karen Hofmann, “Flickers”
  • Saint James Harris Wood, “2020 (or so)”
  • Anne Marie Todkill, “Snowship, 1971” and “Trove”
  • Tim Bowling, “Now”
  • Elizabeth Ross, “Church Girls” and “Torqued Sacrum”
  • Michael Larson, “The Woods”
  • Hal Walling, “Party”
Creative Non-Fiction
  • Toshiro Saito, “At War’s End in Indonesia”
  • Glenn E. Howarth, Untitled; Female figure/nude walking into the woods, nd
    Oil; acrylic on canvas, 114.5 cm x 114 cm
    Michael Collard Williams Collection
    Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria