Malahat Review 201 (Winter 2017) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 201 (Winter 2017)

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Congratulations to the two contest winners featured in this issue: Katherin Edwards, winner of the Far Horizons Award for Fiction for her story “Faster Horses,” and Nancy Holmes, winner of the Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize for her essay “Flaubert’s Hummingbirds.”

Winter’s bitter cold is here, but summer fires rage on in Harold Macy’s essay, “Stranglers, Water Thieves, Wide-Mouth Pumpkins, and Sweet-Talking Angels.” C. S. Lemprière transports us from French to English in her translation of Québecois poet Rachel Leclerc’s “Father/land.” Jan Conn simultaneously dissects mind and garden in her poem, “Peony,” while Erin Noteboom meanders along nameless rivers in “There is something about coming a long way by water.” Morgan Charles’ “The Medium Lane” is a reminder to slow down, Irena Karafilly revisits childhood memories in “A Visit to the Dentist,” and “moonfoolish raccoons” roll through suburbs in Danny Jacobs’ “Haruspicy.”

Take shelter from the season’s storms while reading reviews of books by Carleigh Baker, Clea Roberts, Eddy Weetaltuk, and more.