Malahat Review 180 (Fall 2012) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 180 (Fall 2012). Essential East-Coast Writing

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Essential East-Coast Writing


Introduction John Barton

The View from T/Here

    • Tammy Armstrong, “Salt”
    • Brian Bartlett, “A Reader at Thirteen”
    • Gerard Beirne, “Meditation #33: The Hour is Upon Us”
    • George Elliot Clarke, “Respecting Mrs. Henry Tucker”
    • Anne Compton, “Cab Ride, Paris,” “Footwork in Four Seasons,” and “Plovers”
    • Matt Cornfield, “All That Happens Before Winter”
    • Michael Crummey, “In Transit,” “The Selected ,” “Albert,” and “The Skeptics”
    • Mary Dalton, “Netted,” “Appliqué,” and “Invitation Cards”

Line source list for all three Mary Dalton poems

  • Lynn Davies, “Moving Day” and “Nasturtiums”
  • Jesse Patrick Ferguson, “Wish List”
  • Carole Glasser Langille, “What I could have learned by the light of misfortune”
  • Sue Goyette, “From ‘Ocean'” and “fashion: for the crossing”
  • Warren Heiti, “Notes Toward a Poem of Great Village”
  • David Helwig, “Mischance”
  • *“Mischance” was mistakenly published with italics in the hard copy of issue #180. Read “Mischance” here, as it should be.
  • Sean Howard, “Catalogue”
  • Claire Kelly, “Reading Alden Nowlan’s ‘Hens’ at the Laundromat” and “Wilde Paints the Parlour White”
  • M. Travis Lane, “Mentor Moon” and “Bird Count”
  • Ian LeTourneau, “A Different Focus”
  • Brent MacLaine, “Bestiary”
  • Carmelita McGrath, “With Apologies to the Little Dove”
  • Steve McOrmond, “They”
  • Lorri Neilsen Glenn, “And a tatted scarf, Sfakian black”
  • Michael Pacey, “Hawk and Handsaw”
  • Peter Sanger, “The Hangar”
  • Anne Simpson, “Sutra One,” “Sutra Two,” and “Sutra Three”
  • John Steffler, “Cuneiform,” “Winter Quarters,” and “The Sea Still Looks Welcoming”
  • Harry Thurston, “Still Life with Golden Bream”
  • John Wall Barger, “Utøya”
Interview Anita Lahey, “Nothing Too Small to Say: In Conversation with M. Travis Lane”
Creative Nonfiction
  • Chris Donahoe, “Test”
  • Read “Test” here and an interview with Chris Donahoe here.
  • Sandra Djwa, “P. K. Page’s Apprenticeship in Saint John, 1935-41”
  • Robert Finley, “The Approaches”
  • Shane Neilson, “The Entirely Beautiful”
  • Freeman Patterson
  • October Pond #3 (near Jupiter, New Brunswick)
  • October, 2004
  • Colour transparency film scanned for digital
  • Collection of the artist