Malahat Review 181 (Winter 2012) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 181 (Winter 2012)

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2012 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize


2012 Far Horizons Award for Poetry

  • Kayla Czaga, “gertrude stein loves a girl”
  • Raoul Fernandes, “By Way of Explanation,” “After Hours at the Centre for Dialogue,” and “Everything Goes”
  • Rebecca Geleyn, “Poetry”and “Flowers don’t bloom”
  • David B. Goldstein, “Structures of Weather, Adirondacks, Summer Night”and “Structures of Weather, San Francisco, Evening”
  • Catherine Greenwood, “Rotary Dial Telephone”
  • Daryl Hine,”Woods,” “Culminations,” “Sleeping and Waking,” “Insomnia,” and “Palinode”
  • Read Signs of Genius: John Barton in Conversation with Evan Jones about the Late Daryl Hine.
  • Donna Kane, “Opposable Thumb” and “Aubade”
  • Steve Noyes, “The Marais” and “Euphoritril®, 200 MG Capsule”
  • John Reibetanz, “Shore House”
  • Katie Thompson, “Want”
      • Ann Darby, “The Second Wife”
      • Bill Gaston, “House Clowns”
      • Laura Legge, “It’s Raining in Paris”

    (Nominated for the 2013

Writers’ Trust/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize


  • Read Paris Over Boise: Patrick Grace in Conversation with Laura Legge here.
  • Read “It’s Raining in Paris” in full here.