Malahat Review 184 (Fall 2013) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 184 (Fall 2013)

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2013 Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction
  • John Wall Barger, “On a North Train to Casarsa, Midwinter, Thinking of Franny & Zooey
  • Don Coles, “Moonlight”
  • Vincent Colistro, “After the Mid-Autumn Festival”
  • Mary Corkery, “Floating Bishop”
  • Jan Conn, “Battered Civilization”
  • Sean Howard, “Snowflake Earrings”
  • Concetta Principe, “Theses on the Philosophy of Waiting”
  • (Read an interview with Concetta about her poem)
  • J. Mark Smith, “The Letting Be of West Edmonton Mall – A Tour with the Author of The People’s Otherworld” and “Catch”
  • Sina Queyras, “Like a Jet”
  • Adam Sol, “The Gladiators”
  • Howard Wright, “Postscript”
  • Patricia Young, “Life of the Poet,” “I Come from a Family of …,” “Ravished,” and “Bite”
  • Matthew Harris, “Runaway”
  • Jasmina Odor, “A Board of Perfect Pine”
  • Matt Rader, “All This Was a Long Time Ago”
Creative Nonfiction
  • Jenny Boychuk, “How to Have a Place”
  • Monica Kidd, “Keeper of the Marks”
  • John Haney
  • Untitled (from Ocean Going), 2005
  • Toned silver gelatin print
  • 15 x 15 in.
  • Courtesy of the artist