Malahat Review 196 (Fall 2016) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 196 (Fall 2016)

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#196 offers plenty of engaging autumnal reading. Jaqueline Baker’s “Down Burned Road” follows a couple living off the grid. Relive Shanghai’s fall in Jack Wang’s “The Nature of Things”; Elisabeth Harvor’s story about a nurse and a doctor in “Invitation to a Circumcision” will bring back memories of loves good (or not so). After reading Yusuf Saadi’s poem, “The Place Where Words Go to Die,” turn to Elizabeth Ross’s and Joanna Streetly’s memoirs about near misses with death. Revive yourself with poems by Barry Dempster, Claire Kelly, and Michael Tierney, and reviews of books by Mary Dalton, and Fred Wah.