Malahat Review 224 (Fall 2023) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 224 (Fall 2023).

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Featuring Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction winner Eleanor Fuller.

Cover art by Cammie Staros.

Poetry by Warren Heiti, Joseph Kidney, Y. S. Lee, Winshen Liu, Sadie McCarney, Matt Robinson, Sun Tzu-Ping translated from the Taiwanese Mandarin by Nicholas Wong, and Rhea Tregebov.

Fiction by Chee Brossy, Mark Anthony Jarman, and Kawai Shen.

Creative nonfiction by Odette Auger, Alicia Gee, Karine Hack, and Olivia Wenzel translated from the German by Sylvia Franke.

Reviews of books by David C. C. Bourgeois, Michelle Brown, Corinna Chong, Gregor Craigie, Matthew Hollett, Haruki Murakami, Emily Osborne, Hilary Peach, Kate Siklosi, and Jan Zwicky.