Malahat Review 117 (Winter 1996) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 117 (Winter 1996).

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A tribute to connections, this Winter special issue of the Malahat Review encompasses the work of P. K. Page. With some of her own poems, journal entries, and paintings, P. K. reveals a life of artistic pursuit that embraces a spiritual worldliness.

Sandra Djwa’s “P. K. Page: A Biographical Interview” tracks key, inspirational moments in P. K.’s literary career. Interspersed within the interview are passages from “Cullen” and “Cullen Revisted” that accentuate Page’s answers to Djwa’s penetrating questions. Jan Zwicky and Don McKay lay out three “relays” in honour of P. K.’s Hologram glosas. Evoking Neruda, Rilke, and Stevens, Zwicky and McKay remind the reader of the ongoing poetic conversation, across time, between all poets. Sandy Shreve, John Barton, and Elizabeth Brewster cite four lines from P. K. Page’s poems for their own glosas. P. K. Page also includes nine poems and a short story titled “The Sky Tree.”

As guest editor, Jay Ruzesky states that the purpose of this issue is “to honour the source of writing: the spring that flows through one writer to another.” This Winter issue encapsulates the inter-connectivity that surrounded P. K. during her life as one of Canada’s foremost poetic voices.

—stephen e. leckie