Malahat Review 140 (Fall 2002) Print Edition


Print edition of Malahat Review Issue 140 (Fall 2002)

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This issue opens with Jessica Grant’s astonishing Journey Prize-winning “My Husband’s Jump,” wherein a woman’s Olympic ski-jumping husband lifts off and never comes down, leaving her to counter the world’s doubts with her own leap of faith. The jury noted that Grant’s “skillful and playful language gave wings to the story and carried us away.” It should also be noted that this was her first published story.

Another husband and wife dynamic is at the heart of Valerie Compton’s touching story, “Words from a Book.” A speechless stroke victim struggles to re-connect with his wife, whom he fears is involved with a neighbour.
In “Suzy Saretsky,” by Kelly Cooper, the title character appears to be academically challenged—or just slow—but she can read people, especially men, with no trouble at all. Her method of communication may have left her with a few illegitimate children, but Suzy is a survivor who will find her own way to cope.

There is a remarkable line-up of poets rounding out this issue, including Sharon McCartney, Donna Kane, Robyn Sarah, Gordon Mason, Anne Compton, Anne Simpson, Desmond Graham, Lynn Davies, and Maureen Scott Harris.
This is a classic Malahat Review: smart, provocative, and engaging from start to finish.

—Rhonda Batchelor